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The Field of Study

1. Linguistics, Modern Japanese Linguistics ──Semantics, Pragmatics, Speech Function Theory──

2. Human Science ──Humanology, Philosophical Anthropology, Cognitive Science──

3. Japanese Language Teaching

The Topic of Study

   Our current topics are (1)to reconstruct interpersonal modality in Japanese grammar into sentence function which are defined by propositional content conditionsand (2)to describe the grammatical feature of the predicate vocabulary in the proposition. We are now studying in the area among morphology, syntax, lexicology, etc, but the concept of sentence function need result of pragmatics and speech act theory, and philosophy of language.
     Our middle-range objective is (3)to describe the relation between structure and function of language as logic as possible, and as rigid as possible.
     And our long-range objective is (4)to study about human who have a profound mentality and a dignity of life
──Humanology rather than linguistics──.


Academic Society(Yamaoka is attached to)

Linguistic Circle, The University of Tsukuba
The Society for Japanese Linguistics

The University of Tsukuba, Nihongo-Nihonbungakukai(Society of Japanese language and literature)
The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language
Japanese Cognitive Science Society (JCSS)
Soka University, Nihongo-Nihonbungakukai(Society of Japanese language and literature)
The Linguistic Society of Japan
Pragmatics Association of Japan (PAJ)
The Pragmatics Society of Japan
The Society of Japanese Grammar

Soka University, Ningen-Gakkai(Society of Humanities)

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