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May/25/2005  My Finds to Word Lag(5) Noodle Soup VS. Ramen

      In down town Berkeley, there are many kinds of Asian restaurants, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, and so on. A few Japanese Sushi restaurants are also in Berkeley. But I heard that the Sushi shops are not popular here.
      On a day I
n April, I found a nice ramen shop. Its name is Ryowa Ramen. It serves the genuine taste of Japanese Ramen by seasoning soy sauce. After that, when I have dinner with friends, I always take them to Ryowa Ramen.

      I think the representative Japanese popular cuisines are curry rice and ramen. Curry is from India, and ramen is from China. Japanese people had developed their favorite cuisines by using unique and original seasoning. I like each of them. I cannot find any Japanese curry shops at present. But four Thai curry shops are along Shattuck Avenue.  I think American people prefer Thai curry to Japanese curry. As for ramen, they seem to prefer Japanese to Chinese. Anyway I am happy I can eat a nice ramen in USA.

      Supermarkets also sell instant ramens made by the American branch of Japanese companies. I sometimes buy Sapporo Ichiban or Nissin Top Ramen (15 flavors). The package indicates that the food is "the noodle soup." I think the name is not appropriate.
      Noodle soup is a kind of soup and soup noodle is a kind of noodle. In English, the modifying noun is really an adjective, i.e. "noodle soup" is soup with noodles in it. And In the ordinary case, the main item of soup is flavored liquid. The ingredients are just a kind of extra.
"Miso soup" (in Japanese, Miso-shiru) is appropriate use.
But the main item of Ramen is not soup but noodles. "Men" of "Ramen" means noodle. Most Japanese people don't drink the soup of Ramen. Of course It has good taste, but it is salty a little. If you always drink the soup of Ramen, you will be high blood pressure. We may enjoy the flavor eating noodles.


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