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Apr/27/2005 My Finds to Word Lag (2) Answering Machine VS. Rusuban Denwa

    The other day I bought a telephone with the function to play my message and to record the other party's messages when I am not at home. I think this is a necessity in our life here.

    In English we call the funciton by the name of "answering machine". In Japanese we call it by the name of "rusuban denwa". It means caretaking telephone.
    The difference is a little interesting. Besides, I think each of them does not represent the function of the machine appropriately. Because even if I questioned the machine many times, it would never answer at all. Likewise, even if criminal persons invaded the building, the machine would never turn away him.

cf. Japanese word "rusuban" represents a person or an act to keep safety while main persons are gone from the building.

4月27日  言葉の’時差’みつけた(2) アンサリング・マシン VS. 留守番電話


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